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Rye Revival

A Three-Day Celebration Of Maryland's Whiskey Heritage
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Celebrating Maryland’s Whiskey Heritage

Prepare to be immersed in the spirited legacy of Maryland Rye Whiskey! Following its distinguished recognition as the official state spirit during the 2023 Maryland General Assembly session, we invite you to join in the celebration, or to sponsor Rye Revival, happening from November 10 to November 12 in the vibrant city of Baltimore, MD.

Join us by supporting three captivating days dedicated to the essence of rye whiskey and Maryland’s historic rye heritage. Rye Revival is set to be an unforgettable experience, featuring both local and world-class modern rye producers.

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  • Friday November 10, 2023

    • Maryland Rye Whiskey Symposium

      The 2023 Maryland Rye Whiskey Symposium promises an enriching experience delving deep into Maryland’s integral role in the history of rye whiskey. This event is tailored for a diverse audience, including craft distillers, distillery operators, rye whiskey enthusiasts, bourbon aficionados, and professionals in the whiskey retail and wholesale industries.

      Whet your palate with a keynote address by Clay Risen, author of “American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Original Spirit.” This presentation sets the tone for a day filled with knowledge-sharing, camaraderie, and exploration. The Maryland Rye Whiskey Symposium includes an impressive lineup of seminars, each curated to provide attendees with an understanding of the art and science behind crafting and enjoying world-class rye whiskey.

      This symposium offers participants a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in Maryland’s rich rye whiskey legacy. Through the scheduled seminars, attendees will gain insights into the intricate production methods that have defined the spirit over the centuries and an appreciation for the quality materials contributing to rye whiskey’s unparalleled character.

      Whether you’re a seasoned craft distiller seeking to refine your techniques, a devoted rye whiskey enthusiast eager to deepen your appreciation, or a professional in the liquor industry looking to expand your expertise, the 2023 Maryland Rye Whiskey Symposium is your ultimate destination for all things rye. Join us on November 10 for an unforgettable day of learning, networking, and celebration of this iconic American spirit.

      Rye Symposium Agenda

      The lineup of presentations and panels for the 2023 Maryland Rye Symposium features a wonderful collection of topics. We’re finalizing the speakers and have a few additional breakouts to add in the coming days. Please check back as we firm up all presentation times.

    • Welcome

      Welcome to the Rye Revival. We’re celebrating Maryland’s Whiskey Heritage and are thrilled that you’re joining us!

      • – Eli Breitburg-Smith, Maryland Distillers Guild & Baltimore Spirits Co.
    • The Story of Maryland Whiskey, Its Rise, Its Demise, and the Significance of Its Return

      In this engaging talk, TW Wright, a renowned historical authority on rye whiskey and founder of Whiskey America, will take you on a captivating journey through the intriguing history of this iconic spirit. From its humble beginnings to its pivotal role in shaping the whiskey industry, Wright will unravel the rich tapestry of rye whiskey’s past, offering insights that span generations. Join us as we explore the fascinating evolution of this beloved libation and its enduring influence on the world of whiskey.

      • – TW Wright, Whiskey AmericaFrom Whiskey America, “whiskey writer, blogger, presenter, and most of all, whiskey enthusiast. TW has been sharing his passion for fine whiskies for over a decade. Drawing on his 30-plus years in Army Special Operations and the experiences he has had with people around the world, TW shares whiskey from an experiential and cultural approach.”
    • Cocktail Culture and its Role in the Rye Revival

      Presented by Carlo DeVito, this session explores the fascinating relationship between cocktail culture and America’s “rye revival.” Discover how a passionate cadre of industry writers and mixologists resurrected classic cocktails rooted in rye, shifting the industry’s focus from bourbon to rye. Take a journey through the past two decades, highlighting the pivotal role played by these enthusiasts in revitalizing America’s original whiskey and reshaping the spirits landscape.

      • – Carlo DeVito, publisher, writer & winemakerFrom DeVito’s website, “Carlo DeVito is a lifelong publishing executive with more than 20 years of experience. He has written more than 15 books, publishes a highly-acclaimed wine blog, and is owner of the Hudson-Chatham Winery.”
    • From Grain to Glass: The Rye Journey

      This seminar is designed to awaken your senses to the nuances of rye grain. Join our expert panel of distillers and growers as they explore the impact of rye grain on the final product. Through a captivating sensory experience, you’ll have the opportunity to taste and compare different rye whiskeys and learn about how the choice of grain can dramatically influence whiskey’s flavor profile. Don’t miss this exploration that will deepen your appreciation for the art and science of crafting rye whiskey.

      • – Eli Breitburg-Smith, Baltimore Spirits Co.
      • – Braeden Bumpers, McClintock Distilling Co.
      • – Brad Humbert, Bear Branch Malt

      This talk includes a whiskey tasting.

    • Women In Whiskey

      This discussion highlights trailblazing women who are leaving an indelible mark on the whiskey industry. Explore the evolving landscape of whiskey through the lens of women working to redefine its culture. From distillery owners and master distillers to passionate retailers and consumers, women are shaping the industry in an incredible and inclusive way.

      • – Becky Harris, Catoctin Creek Distilling
      • – Denaya Jones-Reid, DEEstilled, Seelbach’s, and the Soul Palate Podcast
      • – Monica Pearce, Tenth Ward Distilling Co.
      • – Erin Petrey, Bourbon & Banter and Bourbon Women
      • – Moderator: Jennifer Yang, Covalent Spirits
    • Lunch & Keynote Address with Clay Risen

      Don’t miss the keynote address at the 2023 Maryland Rye Symposium, featuring Clay Risen, New York Times reporter and the author of “American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Original Spirit.” Clay will unveil a compelling case for embracing the revival of rye whiskey like never before.

      • – Clay Risen, author, American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Original SpiritFrom Risen’s website, “(Risen) is a reporter at The New York Times and the author of the forthcoming book Bourbon: The Story of Kentucky Whiskey. A leading authority on whiskey, he writes extensively on the subject for the Times and other outlets, and has written three previous books, including The Impossible Collection of Whiskey, Single Malt: A Guide to the Whiskies of Scotland and the bestselling American Whiskey, Bourbon and Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Favorite Spirit. When he’s not writing about whiskey, he writes about American history, including, most recently, The Crowded Hour: Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders, and the Dawn of the American Century.”
    • The Death of the Daily Drinker and the Future of Whiskey Consumer Habits

      Does anyone have just one go-to whiskey anymore? Join Denaya Jones-Reid, GM of Seelbach to learn more about the latest on single barrel picks, limited-time offerings, allocated releases and where she sees brands and consumers trending in the future.


      • Max Lents, Baltimore Spirits Co.
      • Marcus Stephens, Thought Generation
      • Moderator: Denaya Jones-Reid, DEEStilled, Seelbach’s and the Soul Palate Podcast
    • Rye: The Original Cocktail Whiskey

      Discover how rye’s distinctive flavor profile and versatility made it the preferred spirit for classic cocktails throughout history. We’ll explore the historical significance of rye as the original cocktail whiskey and its enduring relevance in today’s mixology scene.

      • – Greg Mergner, Baltimore Bartenders’ Guild & Baltimore Spirits Co.

      This talk includes a whiskey tasting.

    • The Wider World of Rye

      Explore the fascinating journey of rye whiskey beyond its American roots, focusing on international innovations and approaches to this classic spirit. As new distillers bring rye whiskey back to its ancestral home, they are crafting unique variations that challenge preconceived notions. Delving into the diverse expressions of rye across continents, this presentation challenges the idea that international ryes are ‘wrong’ or inferior to their American counterparts, emphasizing the concept that they are simply different, shaped by distinct whiskey-making traditions and regulations. Join us on a journey to broaden your perspective on the rich and varied world of rye whiskey.


      • – Lew Bryson, whiskey writer and blogger

      This talk includes a whiskey tasting.

    • History of the Three Chamber Still - The Revival of a Lost American Tradition

      Join Todd Leopold, renowned distiller at Leopold Bros, for this talk delving deep into the history and significance of the three-chambered still. Discover how this ingenious distillation technology transformed the art of crafting rye whiskey. Todd will guide you through the evolution of the three-chamber still and its profound contributions to the world of distillation, showcasing its pivotal role in shaping the flavors and traditions of rye whiskey.

      • – Todd Leopold, Leopold Bros

      This talk includes a whiskey tasting.

  • Friday November 10, 2023

    • Friday Night Rye: Grand Whiskey Tasting

      The Friday Night Rye: Grand Tasting invites attendees to embark on a journey through the world of Maryland-crafted rye whiskey and a collection of rye and bourbon whiskeys from world-class producers. This exclusive evening affair offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in fine, hand-crafted ryes and bourbons.

      The Grand Tasting event is more than simply a tasting; it’s an exploration of flavor profiles, a discovery of nuances, and an education in the art of whiskey production. Each sip you take is a step deeper into rye and bourbon and allows you to explore the rich tapestry of Maryland’s whiskey heritage.

      The evening comes alive with the sounds of the Hot Club of Baltimore and through the artistry of cocktail making, as bespoke cocktails highlight the versatility and depth of rye. From classic concoctions to innovative libations, the cocktail experience promises to tantalize taste buds and awaken the senses. The Grand Tasting offers a culinary journey – exceptional food compliments the bold flavors of rye.

      Participating Distilleries

      Visit the participating distilleries for samples of their spirits and to learn about their production processes. Distilleries may be offering bottle sales, you’re encouraged to buy bottles you like and stock up!

      Maryland Distilleries
      Guest Distilleries

      About the Hot Club of Baltimore

      From the Hot Club of Baltimore website, “the Hot Club of Baltimore performs inspired arrangements of the Django Reinhardt repertoire, French waltzes, and Trad Jazz. The ensemble boasts a variety of configurations including an instrumental trio of two guitars and upright bass, a classic quintet with violin, a late 40’s instrumentation adding piano, drums, and horns, and a Django Big Band, which emulates the sound of the early 50’s when Reinhardt performed with Duke Ellington. The group often features captivating vocalist Alexis Tantau who sings in her native Occitan language as well as songs in French and English by Edith Piaf, Eartha Kitt, Charles Trenet, Maxine Sullivan, Jacques Dutronc, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, and Henri Salvador.”

      Friday Night Rye Tickets

      Order Your Friday Night Rye Tickets HERE.

      Tickets to the Friday Night Rye Grand Tasting are $150, per person. Tickets include admission to the tasting event, all samples, and lite fare.

      Friday Full-Access Tickets

      Order Your Friday Full-Access Tickets HERE.

      Friday Full-Access Tickets include admission to the Rye Symposium and the Friday Night Rye Grand Tasting.

  • Saturday November 11, 2023

    • Local Rye Whiskey Distillery Tours

      Explore Maryland’s rye whiskey scene through distillery tours. Discover production ideas, delve into the histories of local businesses, and develop a deeper admiration for their craft and heritage.

      Visit your favorite local distillery for a tour, a tasting and an awesome experience! Check out the list of current Maryland Distillers Guild members at marylandspirits.org or download the MD Craft Beverages App for your Android or iOS device.

    • Rockabilly Rye Festival

      We appreciate your excitement for the inaugural Rockabilly Rye festival and our celebration of local excellence. However, it is with a heavy heart that we must announce the cancellation of the Rockabilly Rye for 2023.

      Our team is dedicated to producing high-quality experiences, but unforeseen circumstances have forced us to make this difficult decision. We understand that this news is disappointing but we are committed to delivering an even more remarkable experience in 2024.

      Please be sure to join us on Friday, November 10, 2023 for the 2023 Maryland Rye Whiskey Symposium and Friday Night Rye: Grand Whiskey Tasting.

      We invite you to stay connected with us by joining our mailing list for updates on Rye Revival and our exciting programming for the upcoming year. We look forward to welcoming you back in 2024.

  • Sunday November 12, 2023

    • Local Rye Whiskey Distillery Tours

      Explore Maryland’s rye whiskey scene through distillery tours. Discover production ideas, delve into the histories of local businesses, and develop a deeper admiration for their craft and heritage.

      Visit your favorite local distillery for a tour, a tasting and an awesome experience! Check out the list of current Maryland Distillers Guild members at marylandspirits.org or download the MD Craft Beverages App for your Android or iOS device.

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    • Picture of Eli Breitburg-Smith
      Eli Breitburg-SmithCo-Founder & Head Distiller, Baltimore Spirits Co.
    • Picture of Braeden Bumpers
      Braeden BumpersCo-Founder & Head Distiller, McClintock Distilling Co.
    • Picture of Carlo DeVito
      Carlo DeVitoWriter
    • Picture of Becky Harris
      Becky HarrisPresident, Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.
    • Picture of Brad Humbert
      Brad HumbertOwner, Bear Branch Malt
    • Picture of Denaya Jones-Reid
      Denaya Jones-ReidOwner, DEEstilled & Managing Partner, Seelbach's
    • Picture of Todd Leopold
      Todd LeopoldCo-Founder & Distiller, Leopold Bros
    • Picture of Greg Mergner
      Greg MergnerGeneral Manager, Baltimore Spirits Co.
    • Picture of Monica Pearce
      Monica PearceOwner, Tenth Ward Distilling Co.
    • Picture of Erin Petrey
      Erin PetreySenior Contributor & Cocktail Editor, Bourbon & Banter, Co-Ambassador DC Chapter - Bourbon Women
    • Picture of Clay Risen
      Clay RisenWhiskey Writer, Author and New York Times Reporter
    • Picture of TW Wright
      TW WrightMaryland Whiskey Enthusiast
    • Picture of Jennifer Yang
      Jennifer YangCo-Owner & Head Distiller, Covalent Spirits

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